Business Cafe: Diaspora achieved Remarkable Business Results in B&H

150923016.3_mnThe 9th Business café, in the organization of the agency Global Market Solutions, was held on Tuesday, the 22nd of September 2015, in the Atrium Hall of the Hotel Europe, starting at 6.00 p.m. The speakers this time were Snjezana Kopruner, Director of GS Machines Factory Travnik and Edin Dacic, the owner of the Swiss company Daccomet and the Standard AD Company from Prnjavor.

Speakers have an unusual story: they came from Europe to realize business success in B&H, unlike most of the titles where we read that people are leaving B&H, searching for their happiness. Both BH brand are focused on exports: now “Made in B&H” means quality for sure.

Snjezana Kopruner, director of the GS Machines Factory Travnik, was not declared for the Lady Boss 2014 without a reason. This woman is an expert in the industry in which you do not expect to see a woman. She was born in Dalmatia, developed her work habits in Germany and ultimately fell in love with B&H and its people. GS TMT employs 250 employees and achieves the income of 18 million BAM. The fact that the brake and cooling system of the trains on relation London-Paris is standing in housings that were produced by people from Travnik speaks enough about the importance of the work of this company. Furthermore, they are currently developing a prototype for electric bicycles, which will be available online, and the customers will be able to assemble the parts as they wish.

“Many people are criticizing me when I set the challenge too high, but that challenge is what attracts me the most. When employees see the progress, they feel the positive story and they are becoming better. I’m disappointed in the school system, and we are trying to fix it by educating through our company. Unfortunately, the war did not only destroyed the facilities, but it destroyed the people as well, and those people are the biggest treasure of the company,” said Mrs. Snjezana.

Edin Dacic was born in Switzerland and when everyone started escaping from the Balkans, he recognized the potential. After many attempts, he finally managed to make a positive business story in the Standard AD Company from Prnjavor. They are oriented towards the IKEA furniture and they are producing furniture for this Scandinavian leader. He identified labor shortages as the major problem, and he believes that the laws of B&H are not in favor for them, and that large allocations for the contributions are making them less competitive.

“At one point of the lack of the labor force, which was on the bureau on paper but working on the black market in reality, I was ready to bring the Chinese. However, the crisis helped us to fill vacant positions. Today, although the general opinion is that whoever is working, did not managed to “settle down well”, a new generation that will bring the change is coming, but we need to educate them,” said Dacic.


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