Business Club BBI Bank in Goražde Brought Together Business People From BiH

gora?deA meeting of business people from all over BiH was held in Goražde yesterday with the organization of BBI bank.

The meeting was about the Business Club BBI Bank, whose goal is to present new opportunities for business, sustainable minority return and finding partners and markets, but also to point out the potential of the Bosnian-Posavina Canton (BPK).

It was stressed that BBI Bank wishes to boost economic activity and funding these activities in three strategic destinations selected in 2013.

“The meeting in Goražde and the presentation of new opportunities for business is to prepare for the Sarajevo Business Forum that will be held on 17 May. Our wish is to present the potential of this part of BiH to investors’’, said the Director of BBI Bank Amer Bukvić.

He assessed that contractors have time to prepare projects, find investors, financing, and in this way try to find a market for products.

On the importance of the meeting of business people today, representatives of the BPK government and municipalities within in spoke about this. It was emphasized that Goražde and BPK have huge potential that is not adequately presented to investors.

“Here there is plenty of room on issues of tourism, agriculture, and the energy sector, and the representatives of the BPK government gave an interesting view of the potential of road infrastructure. In this sense, we see Goražde as the backbone of regional development, and therefore across the entire country and we have to present it as such in the future’’, said Bukvić.

The current funding lines of BBI Bank have been presented, with a special reference to Turkey, IFAD and the World Bank and the line of the Swedish Bank, and the activities of the BIGMEV Foundation and “Bridges of Hope” that are working on tying BiH and Turkish markets to the Middle East.

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