Business zone Banja Luka- chance for investors

poslovni_ljudiEighty companies are currently situated in the business zone of Banja Luka, two kilometres from the city, with 1 700 workers employed.

‘Business zone of Banja Luka is a unique business subject in the region with regulated construction site. It has significant potential and resources which enable people to do business and open new companies and creating new jobs’, said to Srna manager of the Business zone Đurađ Banjac.

He noted that the Business Zone, which is connected with highway and railroad, has new users every day, who invest there.

Banjac especially noted that the Business Zone had a successful last year, which has continued in this year as well.

‘With the action plan of the Business Zone, it was planned 600 000 BAM of investments in 2013, and investments are now around 50 000 and 500 000 BAM’, said Banjac.

He noted that currently there is an investment to adapt 3000 square meters of space for opening of the new company which will create 200 new jobs.

Many foreign investors have also recognised the business zone who registered their companies in RS, said Banjac.

He said that the Business Zone rents objects and land, building permits, usage of the entire infrastructure and financial and legal services.

According to him, operator of the business zone offers fast and efficient preparation for business by fulfilling needed administrative and technical conditions, which is an advantage in comparison to other business zones.

Banjac said that the technical service deals in detail conditions of construction and plans the regime of space organisation and models the space for new investors, gives general guidelines for space modelling, the connection to the municipal infrastructure and environmental protection measures, and other values ​​required by law, “says Banjac.

According to him, Business zone owns 42 hectares of land,with 54 240 square metres for business objects, 26 000 for users, and 136 000 to future construction.

He added that many important companies and institutions work there and he invited all interested to come and visit the business zone, where they’ll get all needed information about possibilities of investments.

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