Businessman from Jordan Interested to Invest in Srebrenik

he višegradThe success of Srebrenik at the 4th Sarajevo Business Forum is evidenced by the huge interest for the potential of investment, and the visit of a delegation of business people from Jordan who were on an official visit to this municipality on Monday.

The Mayor of Srebrenik Sanel Buljubašić received the business people from Jordan. In addition to his closet colleagues, participants included some business people from Srebrenik from the areas in which the Jordan business people, who are still in Sarajevo, expressed their interest.

Thus, the Jordanian business people visited the company “Voćni rasadnik” in Špionica. They visited the orchards and were satisfied with what they were shown by Director Taib Joldić and recognized expert for fruit and fruit trees Besim Salkić. The guests visited the newly built deep freezers, as well as the business facilities and office buildings where the products are located.

Arrangements were made for a new visit, which will follow in the next month, where they will speak on concrete steps and establishing business cooperation.

The guests also visited the company “BH LEGNO”, where they visited the production facilities with the owner and saw the equipment of this successful company, which is a leader in the production of sawn timber in BiH.

Mayor Buljubašić thanked the guests for the visit and interest for investment, and they spoke of investments in the development of agriculture, production of food, plantation and fruit orchards, as well as other types of long-term investments in manufacturing and processing capacities in this region.



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