Call for Peace March officially opened

Peace March 2015 fokus.baThe association of citizens “Witnesses of Time”, in cooperation with BH Telecom organizes the sixth anniversary of the peace march “Sarajevo-Nezuk-Potočari 2017” and invites all citizens to join them.

Organizer of the peace march Muhamed Papic said that the march will start on July 3rd in front of the Monument to the killed soldiers of RBiH Army on Dolac-Malta settlement in Sarajevo. The march will continue from Sarajevo and will join the participants of the Peace March in Nezuku, from where they will continue to Potocari, where the arrival is planned on July 11, on the day of the collective burial of the victims of genocide.

“It is our duty to forgive, but not to forget. Therefore, we invite all those who feel physically ready to take part in this year’s peace march and thus preserve the memory of the innocent victims of the Srebrenica and Podrinje,” – said Papic.

He invited everyone interested to register by June 11th on the association’s website or by email svjedocisvogvremena@gmail.com.

Papic also recalled that the route includes difficult hilly mountainous and dense forested springs with streams.

(Source: fokus)

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