Cardinal Puljic: We have to raise Our Voice in Defense of Life, and stop the Hatred and Wars

cardinal Vinko PuljicIn the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Sarajevo was held the Mass on the occasion of the Catholic Easter. The Mass was led by Archbishop of Vrhbosna Archdiocese Cardinal Vinko Puljic who told to the faithful that by celebrating Easter they are courageously witnessing the faith in the risen Christ and transfer his love for every man by decisively acting against crime and injustice wherever they take place.

He noted that people cannot be indifferent and that we all have to raise our voice in defense of life, to stop the hate, wars, and create the time where every man will live humane and dignified life.

“We cannot be indifferent in front of this strange style of the so-called democracy, in which the man is daring to take someone else’s life, and to bring the law by which they can do that,” stated Puljic.

We cannot be indifferent, he noted, we have to raise our voice in defense of life, we must fight for life in a special way when we see how these people suffer, while the great world powers are fighting for supremacy and the ordinary man dies, escapes, his assets are stolen and burnt, and then they wonder how refugees happened”.

“Therefore, in the name of Easter, we have to raise our voice in defense of a man, his dignity, rights, life and its environment. Ever since we became slaves of production that destroys our environment, the great powers are competing who will sign or not, in order to preserve the environment. The God entrusted this to us and we are responsible for this environment in which we became, a man, society, and the state,” stated Cardinal Puljic.

“Supposedly we swore after the World War II,” stated Cardinal, “that it will never happen again, but it is constantly repeating, the evil that is happening, we supposedly proclaimed human rights, but we can see that these rights are not the same for everyone because those who have more money and weapons always have more rights”.

“By celebrating Easter, we want to raise awareness of the dignity of the faithful and we are responsible for raising our voice for evaluation of humanity, human dignity, and human rights,” concluded Cardinal Puljic.

Easter Mass was served in many cathedrals in BiH, in which the faithful expressed their joy for the victory of Jesus Christ over death and persecution.

(Source: klix.ba)

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