Cardiovascular Surgery in Tuzla: World Methods available to Patients in BiH

The Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery of the University Clinical Center (UCC) Tuzla has kept the number of surgical procedures at almost the same level as in the pre-pandemic period, and the staff of the Clinic is dedicated to each patient and use an individual approach.

This clinic as an autochthonous unit has been opened recently and the organizational scheme on this principle exists only in Tuzla, but not in the region. All of them are within some other clinics, but an organized clinic in this way exists only in Tuzla Canton.

According to the doctors of that clinic, they are a filter that wasgenerated by a great effort of people whose inventiveness and expertise date back to the late 1990s and the beginning of cardiovascular surgery in Tuzla until today.

Due to the geostrategic position where UCC Tuzla is located, the doctors of this clinic treat patients from an area with about 1.5 million residents.

Head of the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery of the UCCTuzla, doc. dr. Mustafa Tabakovic explained in an interview with agency Fena that they deal with surgical procedures on the heart and large blood vessels of the human body.

“We fight for and approach each patient individually. We are the pioneers of innovative solutions in cardiovascular surgery, from minimally invasive heart surgery to minimally invasive abdominal aortic surgery,” emphasized Tabakovic, adding that they strive to follow global trends.

Dr. Nail Sehic is the youngest cardiovascular surgeon at this clinic, who finished his specialization a few months ago. He thanked his mentors who were with him, adding that he chose a difficult job, but he does it with love.

“If someone likes his job, it’s easier to do it, even though it requires a lot of sacrifices, there is a lot of stress and pressure, but with the love and help of colleagues, everything went well,” he said, noting that older colleagues were always with him from day one when he came to the Clinic. At that moment, he was in the fifth year of the Faculty and they influenced him a lot to decide on the job of a surgeon so he fell in love with that job.


Source: Klix.ba


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