Central Election Commission postponed the regular session

The CEC   tried to hold a regular session today, but was suddenly interrupted, with the conclusion that the new session will be held when it is determined who the new members are and who are leaving the CEC.

The uproar was caused by a sudden decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the House of Representatives to appoint three new members of the CEC.  The House of Representatives with 30 votes in favor and five against and three abstentions appointed three new members of the CEC.

For the Croatian member Stjepan Mikić was re-elected, while for the Bosniak people Ahmet Šantić was elected instead of Vedrana Hadžović. Appointed Serbian member is Novak Božičković instead of Tihomir Vujičić.

CEC members heard about these news from the media and attempted to determine on today’s session who has the mandate to make decisions, whether the current members of the CEC or the new members appointed by the decision of the House of Representatives.

The president of CEC Branko Petrić told that neither old nor new members of the CEC can make any decisions at the moment, until the current state is resolved.

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