The Central Theme of the 54th MESS Festival: Future of the Past

10_10_2014_02The central theme of the 54th edition of International Theatre Festival is “The Future of the Past”, and this year 25 plays from 18 countries will be seen by audience in  Sarajevo, Zenica, Visoko and Gorazde. The festival will be opened in Sarajevo with the play “Front” which is directed by Luke Perceval. This will represent the first time that the famous Thalia Theter from Germany will be present on MESS. From tomorrow, September 11th, the booking of tickets for the festival programs will start.

This year as well, the festival will bring the most successful regional’s Theater achievements including “The Wizard” (Čarobnjak) by Boris Liješević and “Bone” (Koštana) by Andras Urban. In addition to the great Paolo Magelli who returns to the MESS as a great friend of the festival, a great artist Jan Lauwers and Sarajevo Festival will show a special honor by creating a show, “Only in Sarajevo,” with which 54th MESS Festival will be closed.

Tickets for the 54th MESS can be booked from Thursday, September 11th, by phone 062 011 661 or in the premises office of the festival, ul. Marsala Tita 54 / II.



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