Exhibition of Milomir Kovačević Strašni

strasniOn 6 April, there will be an exhibition of Milomir Kovačević Strašni called ‘(I) oni su branili (svoj) grad’ which will be a part of International Theatre and Film Festival MESS, and which will last until 9 May.

The exhibition talks about the artistic memory, compassion, empathy and humanity of people of Sarajevo during the war time. This year’s multimedia exhibition which is a part of Module of Memories will offer visitors interesting exhibitions, theatre play and documentaries.

This exhibition is also homage to all those who are no longer present.

The idea was created by manager of SARTR Nihad Kreševljaković who noted the historical importance of 6 April, 2 May and 9 May for Sarajevo.

Kreševljaković also noted that the first exhibition of Strašni after the war was as a part of MESS Festival.

As a part of film program, of the Module of Memory , war-time films will be shown and also the several plays by various artists will be shown in coproduction with Sarajevo War Theatre and Institute for Music, Theatre and Multimedia.

Apart from this exhibition, there will an exhibition of photos ‘Bosnia 1992-1995’, and exhibitions ‘Život u 24 slike u sekundi’ by Zoran Lešić and ‘Moduli modern u Sarajevu’ by Anida Krečo, said MESS Press service.

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