Centrotrans to introduce New Bus Line from Sarajevo to Neum?

centrotransFrom the company Centrotrans Eurolines announced connecting of Sarajevo and Neum, the only BH city by the sea coast, with the direct bus line which is scheduled to start operating on the 20th of January.

“It sounds unbelievable, but the only municipality or tourist resort in BiH, Neum, has not been connected with Sarajevo so far. We registered a bus line that will start operating on the 20th of January, and it is one of a dozen new routes that we will start when it comes to domestic traffic, the traffic in BiH “, said the Director General of Centrotrans, Safudin Cengic.

Since the direct line from Sarajevo to Neum, over Svitava, is unsuitable and unsafe, Centrotrans will drive on the usual route through the neighboring Croatia, although this is bad news for citizens who do not have a passport.

This is one of the activities that include the increase in the number of employees of this company, although during the off-season from Sarajevo to Neum will operate only one bus a day, the number of departures and arrivals during the summer season will be increased.

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