Centrotrans Organized Blood Donation Action

davanje-krviThe Centrotrans Eurolines Company in cooperation with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of FB&H organized an action of voluntary blood donation for this company’s employees.

Concerning the fact that it’s important to ensure enough blood for the sick and injured patients in KCUS and in other transfusion centres of B&H on a daily basis, the employees of this company decided to participate once again in this project. – was announced from Centrotrans.

The action is organized in order to mark that way the 66 years of existence and 56 years of the Centrotrans name. Some other activities are also planned.

A drop of blood is like a drop of hope for life of your very favourite person. Contribute, so that the accidents, sickness or injuries wouldn’t take away another life. – was announced in the communication from Centrotrans.

(Source: Fena / photo: 072.info.com)

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