Chance for Domestic Companies in the “South Stream” Section

The passing through the arms pipeline “Južni tok” (South Stream) through the RS will allow local businesspeople to get involved in the implementation of the project, which would have a positive impact on the economy.

A section of the gas pipeline in the RS will arrive from Serbia, and according to the announcement of the Chief of the Department for Project Management in “Gazprom” Leonid Čugunova, work on the construction in Serbia should begin in January 2014.

“The inclusion of domestic companies is welcome at a time when there is a lack of jobs. All efforts that lead in that direction, to increase the number of employed and to employ local operations in this moment should be welcome and supported’’, said the branch Director of the Chamber of Commerce Association of the RS Pero Ćorić.

He pointed out that in this way local companies receive more affirmation, finding that maybe local companies currently do not have the potential to be the main performers, but that certainly in some large companies they can do a good job as subcontractors.

Expert for the oil market Dušan Bogdanović shares this opinion.

“It would be good for local firms to actively participate in various stages in the construction of the section “Južni tok” through the RS. That would be an affirmation for them, and for them to confirm such works’’, said Bogdanović.

The Acting Director of “Gas-Res” Slobodan Puhalac said that with “Srbijagas” they have an agreement on technical cooperation and coordination. Puhalac said that he is certain that when conditions are met in the RS, domestic economic entities will participate in various stages of the activities.

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