Cheap Flights from Tuzla To Malme From May

Wizz Air Airlines announced yesterday the opening of a new route from Tuzla to Malme that will begin on 31 May.

The cheapest ticket will be 54 KM.

Flights will be organized two times a week, on Mondays and Fridays, and Wizz Air expects to carry more than 30.000 passengers in the first 12 months.

Adding the growth in BiH’s network of routes, Wizz Air is now operating more than 260 routes in 31 countries and provides the security of air operations to millions of its passengers, very low prices and friendly attitude of service to its passengers.

“Wizz Air is very happy to announced to BiH citizens a new destination from Tuzla, which will for the first time have access to low rates of travel. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of BiH aviation. We are closely working on launching our first low-cost routes from BiH with our partner Tuzla airport, and with this are confirming our belief in the ability of the Tuzla region to attract tourism and to generate a very necessary low-cost form of air traffic, said the General Director of the international airport of Tuzla Enver Jukanović.

The Assistant Minister for Transport of Tuzla Canton Nenad Lukanović stressed the commitment of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Transport of the Tuzla Canton government to create the necessary conditions for the smooth operation of airports because the development of the “international Tuzla airport” is one of the strategic goals of the government of this canton.

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