Chefs share the Recipe for Baklava nominated for the Guinness Book of Records

From the Saranda restaurant located in Tuzla, whose 15 chefs participated in preparing and making of 800 kilograms of baklava. Later on, baklava was cut in 15,200 pieces and given to children, people in need, pensioners and miners.

Baklava was nominated for the Guinness Book of Records, and chef in charge decided to share the recipe with the public.

This baklava is also a halal product because it is made from products that have a halal certificate, and in the same way, the attention is drawn on the health and hygiene correctness of the food we use.


240 kilograms of Milin Majic Flour

320 kilograms of walnuts

Bimal oil 200 liters

800 eggs

8 kilograms of salt

72 kilograms of coconut flour

240 kilograms of sugar

240 liters of water

56 liters of lemon juice

Organizers said the chefs have been preparing the traditional cake named “Baklava” for 10 days and that it will be nominated for Guinness World Records as the biggest one in the country.

“Much time and effort have been invested to make baklava in a way our grandmothers prepared it according to the original recipe,” Serif Abdiji, a chef whose team prepared the cake, told reporters.

The traditional cake was cut in 15,200 pieces and given to miners who marked the Miners Day of BiH on Friday.

“The aim is to give baklava to every miner in Tuzla, to children attending primary schools in Tuzla Canton, children without parents, and pensioners,” said Vedran Jahic, spokesperson of the Third Gastro Show, an organizer.



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