Chick Lit

chick-lit-Theatre life in B&H is becoming richer for an important show. Chick Lit is not only a satire that will humor the hearts of Mostar citizens, but is also the first post-war example of a play that united actors from both sides of the Neretva river.

Mostar director Tanja Miletić Oručević engaged, in addition to actors from the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar that produced Chick Lit, actors from the National Theatre Mostar and the Puppet Theatre Mostar and young guest actors are involved. This is how Chick Lit won the title for all Mostar performances.

The author of the text is Damir Šodan, whose picture of a disjointed, grotesque display of regional identities with a focus on uneducated Croatian new money people, who use political and religious manipulation, theft and appropriation of public property and live outside of reality that is collapsing.

The play will premiere at the Croatian National Theatre Mostar on 12 November 2013. The text won the third prize at the competition for the best drama piece “Marin Držić” for 2011 in Croatia.


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