Children and Genocide Exhibition opens in Centre of Stockholm


The #ChildrenAndGenocide exhibition about the experience of people whose childhood was marked by the Srebrenica genocide opened in Stockholm on Monday.

The exhibition, produced by the War Childhood Museum (WCM) from Sarajevo, was presented at Sergels Square in central Stockholm, under the auspices of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speakers at the opening of the exhibition were Amina Krvavac, Executive Director of the  War Childhood Museum, Debra Barraud, author of the exhibition and author of the Humans of Amsterdam platform, and Ann Linde, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.

“Strong personal, and above all, human stories presented within the #ChildrenAndGenocide exhibition of the  War Childhood Museum, which is now displayed at one of the central squares in Stockholm, force us to connect numbers and statistics with the names and faces of real people, and so let us face the scale and nature of the crimes committed.

By focusing on personal stories, we get an effective tool for the fight against revisionism and dehumanization, regardless of whether it is the genocide in Srebrenica or crimes committed in some other areas,” said Krvavac.

Author of the exhibition, Debra Barraud spoke about her stay in BiH, and meetings with survivors whose portraits and personal stories make up this exhibition. She stressed how challenging these conversations were, and underlined the courage of the people she interviewed and their strength to tell their stories, stated the  War Childhood Museum in a press release.

“This important exhibition, which presents the personal stories of girls and boys whose childhood was marked by the Srebrenica genocide, has a significant role in efforts to preserve the memory,” said Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, and thanked the  War Childhood Museum and the partners for producing this exhibition.

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