Children’s play ‘Captain John Peoplefox’ in Sarajevo Youth Theatre

kapetanOn Friday, 24 May, youngest citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see the play ‘Captain John Peoplefox’ in Sarajevo Youth Theatre at 7 p.m. The play is based on radio drama of Duško Radović and adapted by Nenad Veličković.

Nenad Veličković’s “Captain John Peoplefox” is the story of retired pirates faced with two challenges: to overcome a monster of the sea, the Seven-headed Dragon, and to realize what the true values of life are: are they technological advances (the infinite games we play on our smartphones), which lead to antisocial behavior, selfishness and dehumanization, or the reinstated old values – pirate hangouts, friendship, sacrifice for the other, and courage? Like almost every story, this one too has a happy ending: Captain John Peoplefox and his crew beat the Seven-headed Dragon without using any other weapons except his own ingenuity and fearlessness, and that of his comrades. No single gadget can ever replace the sincere words of friends, and their significance in our lives – this is the message of this play.

Cast of the play Admir Glamočak, Drago Buka, Mario Drmać, Damir Kustura, Mirza Dervišić, Adnan Goro, Nermin Tulić, Mirza Tanović, Ismir Fazlić, Suada Ahmetašević, Narda Nikšić, Alma Merunka.


(photo: facebook)

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