China calls for increased Support for Economic Development of BiH

China’s envoy to the United Nations on Tuesday called for the international community to increase support for the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and create favourable conditions for its national reconciliation and durable peace.

Ma Zhaoxu, the Chinese permanent representative to the United Nations, told a Security Council meeting on the question of Bosnia and Herzegovina that China hopes that the different ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina will commit to dialogue and consultation to promote economic development.

China hopes the country will achieve greater progress in nation building so as to ensure the dividend of peace and development is shared by all, he said.

Earlier at the debate, noting the polarizing unconstructive policies, actions and rhetoric in the country, the council members unanimously adopted a resolution that renewed the mandate of the EU military operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ma expressed support for the resolution, saying “we hope that the EU force will continue to play a positive role in maintaining the security and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“Together with the rest of the international community, China is ready to play its part in helping Bosnia and Herzegovina achieve long-term peace, development and prosperity,” he said.

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