Christiane Amanpour revealed what She learned during Her Stay in BiH

A prominent journalist Christiane Amanpour revealed what she learned during the war in BiH that is still her guiding principal in business and life in general, on Tuesday evening, during the award of the International Prize for freedom of the press.

“When I was reporting on genocide and ethnic cleansing in BiH many, many years ago, I learned that we should never equalize the victim and tyrant, and we should never have to play a fake morals or try to equalize things,” emphasized Amanpour. She added that in such situations, if one equalizes the victim and tyrant, he becomes part and complicit in unspeakable crimes.

“What I believe in is not neutrality, but telling the truth. Also, I believe that we must stop trivializing the truth. Today we must be prepared to fight for it,” said this prominent journalist.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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