China Gave Grant of 10 Million BAM to B&H

lagumdzija_kinaThe B&H Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija and the Ambassador of China to B&H Dong Chunfeng signed today an agreement on economic and technical cooperation between the B&H Council of Ministers and the Government of China. The agreement is about technical cooperation that consists of financial support of the Government of China in the amount of 2.4 million BAM and two sets of mobile x-rays for the purpose of reviewing containers when crossing the boarder of about 10 million BAM value.

As Lagumdžija stated, this agreement is signed on the eve of the summit that will be held next week in Bucharest, Romania, where the Prime Minister of China will have meetings with Prime Ministers of Central and Eastern Europe.

“This grant is intended for the realization of projects of economic-technical cooperation. Two mobile x-ray vehicles will be donated for the need of the  administration of indirect taxation. This will help to deal with one of the biggest problems of society such as organized crime and corruption”, explained Lagumdžija. He also thanked the Ambassador for the grant of 28 million BAM, from which about 40% are used.


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