Chinese Pavilion construction begins in Sarajevo


The construction of a Chinese pavilion has started on Thursday in a park located in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Sarajevo, office of mayor of Sarajevo stated in the press release the same day.

This cultural attraction is the product of positive cooperation between Sarajevo and Tianjin, sister cities since the year 1981.

In the official press release, the mayor’s office highlights that the Chinese pavilion will enrich the contents of “Center for education, sport and recreation Safet Zajko”, the biggest park of this kind in the capital Sarajevo.

Sarajevo mayor Abdulah Skaka revealed that Sarajevo will give, as a present, a replica of a traditional fountain, to one of China’s most important economic centers.

“It is planned that Sebilj fountain will be placed in one of the most visited parks in this city, visited by more than four million people annually,” Skaka said.

Mayor of Novi Grad municipality, where the park is located, Semir Efendic, stated that the Chinese pavilion will additionally enhance the park and that the construction of the pavilion has already attracted great attention of visitors.

For more than almost 40 years, the City of Sarajevo has nurtured sister city relations with this Chinese city, and the future cooperation will be in the field of tourism, culture and education.

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