CineLink Selection 2013 Announced

img96_441CineLink 2013 call for entries attracted over 90 projects in development from 18 different countries in Southeastern Europe. Our selection committee selected 16 projects altogether for the CineLink and the CineLink + lineups, criteria being respective authors potential and strength of the story on one side and potential benefit for the project from our development workshops and the coproduction market on the other.

CineLink project, the backbone of the festival’s Industry Section, is a development and financing platform for carefully selected local feature projects destined for European co-production. With average conversion rate of its selected projects from development to production of over 60% in the past 10 years, CineLink grew into one of the most successful development and financing platforms in Europe. Films developed trough CineLink are now part of prestigious festivals selections and distribution catalogues around the world. Selection and diversification in development are central to this success, while focus on local productions with international potential, emerging talent and modern cinematic language proved essential to the program’s raising profile in the film industry.

Eight projects selected in the CineLink lineup will participate in the Preparatory Workshop where the directors and producers will work on the scripts as well as the financial, legal and marketing aspects of their projects prior to the market.

All 16 projects selected will be presented at the CineLink Co-Production Market during the Sarajevo Film Festival from 21st to 24th of August. Additional titles will be added to the selection in the upcoming weeks.

Films of Cinelink selection 201 are: ‘3+1 Apartment for Sale’ from Turkey, ‘Black Dog’ from Serbia, ‘Dogs’ from Romania, ‘House of Others’ from Georgia, ‘Park’ from Greece’, ‘Pigs on the Wind’ from Greece, ‘Salvation’ from Bulgaria, ‘Tabija’ from BiH and Canada, ‘Apartment’ from Macedonia, ‘Details of a Dream’ from Turkey, ‘Mercedes-Fire Horse’ from Slovenia, ‘Smelly Tale’ from BiH and Serbia, ‘The Fixer’ from Romania, ‘Vanpir’ from Romania, ‘Viking Line Story’ from Romania, ‘Whats to be Done’ from Croatia.

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