Citizens of B&H collected around 30.000 BAM and 50 Tons of Food for Syrian Refugees

help for syrian refugeesHumanitarian organization Pomozi.ba from Sarajevo managed to, in just few days, collect around 30.000 BAM, and 50 tons of food, water and other supplies for Syrian refugees who are currently in Serbia.

Elvir Karalic, founder of the association Pomozi.ba, said that they started to collect money seven days ago and managed to collect around 30.000 BAM, but also said that they are planning to conduct this action on a higher level, and to intensify it in coming days. Already today, they are starting with the more active work on numerous location throughout B&H.

Action of collecting help for Syrian refugees was attended by numerous organizations and individuals, among which are partner organization association Pomozi.ba in Denmark, and activists from Switzerland who significantly helped BH citizens during floods in 2014.

“People are contacting us for days from all sides of the world, as BH citizens as well as from the diaspora, and in the next few days we are expecting groups of people to start delivering food to us. The plan is to, throughout B&H, put more than 300 donation boxes, out of which the most will be in Sarajevo, but other cities are covered as well, such as Tuzla, Travnik and Mostar, where people will be able to, with symbolical donations, help refugees“, said Karalic and added that in the next few days, he will decide whether he will deliver all goods to Belgrade at the same time or gradually.

A phone number for help to refugees was opened, and donations of water, food and supplies can be delivered to the central office of the organization Pomozi.ba located in the street Fetaha Becirbegovica 8 in Sarajevo, every working day from 9.00 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(Source: klix,ba)

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