Citizens of BiH sent 500 Tons of Meat to People of Syria

Citizens of BH sent 500 tons of meat to Syria’s refugees in Turkey for the past four years through Merhamet, as stated by spokesman of Merhamet, Ruzdija Adzovic.

Eid al Adha will be marked on Tuesday, August 21, and Adzovic stated that the humanitarian action “Bosnian Kurban” will be organized again this year. The aim of the action is to provide the necessary amount of meat for soup kitchens of Merhamet.

“The action “Bosnian Kurban” will last until August 20, 2018, and the price of kurbans is 350 BAM. Merhamet is also conducting the “Australian Kurban” action as well. Kurban meat from Australia is intended for refugees from Syria that are located in refugee camps in Turkey. The action “Australian Kurban” will last until August 18, 2018, and the value of the Australian kurban is 270 BAM,” stated Adzovic.

“Donations for kurbans can be left in all the regional committees of ‘Merhamet’ and in the headquarters of the association in Sarajevo,” said Adzovic.

Citizens who want to buy their kurban from a breeder will be able to choose between different sizes of animals, which will dictate the price.

Some breeders offer kurbans throughout the year, and their prices range from 180 BAM to 500 BAM.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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