Coalition active again: Leaders agreed on the Energetics Sector

Jerlagic SB&H faktor.baThe meeting of the leaders of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and the Party for B&H (SB&H), at which the relations within the new coalition at the level of the FB&H have been discussed, was held today in the building of the Presidency of B&H.

Jerlagic said that opened issues were discussed, but that the coalition between the SDA and the SB&H was always without question.

“The coalition was never questioned. We also discussed the controversial Law on Forests, which is not yet in the hands of parliamentarians in order to know what is written in that law. However, I wanted to discuss that as well with Mr. Izetbegovic because it is about the state property, which is sacred to the SB&H. When entering the government, we insisted the most on solving the issue of state property“, said Jerlagic after the meeting.

Jerlagic added that it was discussed about the distribution of the sectors, and it was agreed that the energetics sector is a field where the SB&H, given the experience, can give the maximum.

Specific names were not discussed, but it was agreed that the party delegations discuss that in the coming period.

Jerlagic said that there is an interest to expand the existing coalition with some other parties, primarily with the HDZ B&H, because their four representatives in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FB&H would provide an additional stability to the coalition.

Regarding the Council of Ministers of B&H, Jerlagic said that the SB&H has no representatives at the state level and therefore cannot be interested in entering the Council of Ministers of B&H.

Also, Jerlagic added that the Council of Ministers of B&H operates well and that he sees no need for reconstruction.

When asked about the possible entrance of SBB into the government, Jerlagic said it primarily depends on the SDA and HDZ B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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