COCO Bags: Mother and Daughter Successful Business Partners

COCO Bags mother and sisterThis is a story about the family business of a hardworking mother and daughter from Busovaca. They are the best friends, mother and daughter and very successful business partners in the sale of COCO bags.

Patricia and Marijana Kordic are successfully dealing with their small business for five years. It is about a handmade bags made of the high quality eco leather.

“Four to five years ago, when the first bags of this type appeared at the market, girls got crazy, they became a great hit and I asked mother how big the problem is to sew a bag. She said that she does not know how to sew a bag. We were thinking for few days and after several tries, we made the first bag“, said Patricia Kordic.

After the first bag, customers were ordering the same ones, and mother Marijana didn’t know how to repeat it.

“I wanted to punch her at that moment. I said, who will sew all those bags? I didn’t know how to make the same bag again, the one that I sewed accidentally“, said Marijana Kordic.

This inseparable duo, that was hardworking in previous days, created the new collection for spring-summer. The newest models that will available soon are baby dream bag and masa.


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