Who is the most desirable Employer in 2017?

best employer awardDM drogerie markt, according to the choice of citizens, was declared as the most desirable employer in BiH again this year.

On the list of 10 most desirable employers, in the second place is company Al Jazeera Balkans, and it is followed by Mistral, Hifa Group, Bingo, NSoft, AS Group, Orbico, Violeta and UniCredit bank, as announced at the award ceremony that was organized by the company Kolektiv Ltd. – portal, which is awarding this recognition for eleventh consecutive year.

”Selection for the most desirable employer made us particularly proud because it shows that the satisfaction of our employees is recognized and valued in the labor market. We will continue trying that all our employees, regardless of their position, feel equally valuable,” said Admira Isakovic, an authorized representative and head of the department of Supply and Marketing and Regional Sales of DM when receiving the award.

Edin Mehic, the director of the company Kolektiv, noted that citizens chose the company for which they would love to work. ”The goal was to examine the value of the brand of the company in the labor market and draw attention to the fact that an employer is always assessed and that the long-term investment in people always returns,” he said.

JYSK was selected for the most desirable employer in the retail sector. In the sector of Fashion & Retail, the award went to Alma-Ras, and when it comes to the Distribution Sector the award went to the company Nelt Ltd.

This year, the majority of votes in the Production Sector went to Coca-Cola HBC BH, and citizens of BiH chose N1 for the most desirable employer in the Sector of media, while Holdina received the award in the Sector of oil and gas.

Some of the most desirable employers in the ICT sector are Telemach and Authority Partners.

Among other winners of the awards for the second and third placed in the sectors are Deichmann Shoes, MARBO, Raiffeisen Bank, Sberbank BH, Konzum, FIS, Prevent BH, Bosnalijek Ltd, and MEGAMIX.


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