Company AlmaDerm exports its Products to the Middle East

Company “AlmaDerm” from Kladanj is one of the first small family companies that managed to provide a space for selling cosmetics, creams, and soaps in the market of the Middle East.

The owner, Alma Camdzic, has been preparing the products for export to the United Arab Emirates and announces her participation in the Global Village gathering that will take place on October 30thand will last for six months.

Global Village event is one of the biggest ones where she can present their products and represents an exceptional opportunity to sell and promote.

AlmaDerm began with the production of soap as a small family business, and now it has a sale in several cities across the country. Production grows day by day, and the challenge is to respond to all market demands.

“We are working twenty hours a day when it is time to meet deadlines. We have had excellent cooperation with USAID / Sweden FARMA II project through the purchase of equipment, “said Camdzic.

The company has been promoted through the use of social media and promotions, but the most important is to gain and keep the trust of customers, Camdzic concluded.

(Source: fena)


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