Concert by Donna Ares: I’ll run away a little bit on the Stage and then back on the Chemotherapy

dona1Azra Kolaković alias Donna Ares is currently preparing for a concert for the fight against cancer “Donna Ares and friends”, which is going to be held in Zetra, on April 16. These days she is receiving countless hosting calls to announce everything that visitors will be able to see.

The severe disease made this brave woman from Bihać to fight the toughest fight of them all, a fight for life.

‘’Many greetings to all my friends and those who are following me! It’s hard to put makeup on without having eyelashes and eyebrows, but we are trying. I’m on recovery these days, and I am trying to save my energy and my voice, occasionally switching from a sweatshirt to the same nice clothes, but mainly if I record shows! I’m slowly getting myself together. I am a little bit chatty as I have not been for a while now. Even when I am weak, I’m getting stronger’’, said Donna.

She also said that this will actually be her first big concert in Sarajevo.

Finally, I will run away a little bit on the big stage and then back into a sweatshirt and hospital for the ninth chemotherapy. Although it has not happened yet, I feel that this is going to be the best day in this year without competition – wrote Donna.



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