Concert of La Scala held in Sarajevo

La Scala concertA Concert for peace, performed by an eminent opera house from Milano, La Scala, was held in the National Theater Sarajevo last night.

La Scala performed in Sarajevo after 20 years in order to mark the anniversary of the end of the war in our country and send a message of change and community to the future generations.

Numerous guests from B&H, Italy and world walked through the red carpet in front of the National Theater as the majestic La Scala concert deserves.

“We want La Scala to reach everyone. Through concerts at squares, as in Sarajevo, as well as in Mostar, through large LED monitors and the live broadcast in the Eurovision ration, symbolically united millions of citizens in B&H and Europe. La Scala represents the notes of the European repertoire – Haendel, Mozart, Pergolesi – made for one European capital-Sarajevo“, said the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in B&H, Ruggero Corrias.

Ottavio Dante conducted the philharmonic orchestra and the concert was followed through LED monitors at several locations in the city.


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