Čavara talked with Consul Napolitano on Economic Cooperation

cavara2President of the FBiH Marinko Cavara met with Francesco Napolitano, the representative of the Association of small and medium-sized enterprises of Italy and the Honorary Consul of Mauritania in Italy.

Napolitano introduced President of the FBiH with the possibility of business cooperation between businessmen from Italy and BiH, as well as the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

The association that Napolitano represents has more than 160,000 small and medium enterprises enrolled and they are sector-organized, and with the support of the Government of Italy, it is possible to present some economic sectors or products and services, for which is showed interest in the FBiH.

The President of FBiH Marinko Cavara expressed his support for business initiatives and economic connections between businessmen from Italy and BiH, and that the bodies and institutions for the promotion of foreign investments in BiH at all levels should be included in these activities as well, as announced by the Office of the President of the FBiH.

(Source: FENA)

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