Conference on FBiH Reform in May

An expert group for reform of the FBiH is strenuously working and the US Embassy is looking forward to the conference where proposals will be given for this process.

The Embassy of the US, with Patrick S. Moon at the head is urging political leaders and nonprofit organizations to develop joint activities and discuss possible proposals for constitutional change in the FBiH in order to more effectively meet the needs of its citizens and protect their rights.

Many experts assessed that the current organization of the FBiH is complicated and expensive, and is therefore unsustainable in the long term.

“The conference will be held in May, where many options for reform of the FBIH will be presented’’, confirmed the Department of Public Relations of the US Embassy to FENA.

The US Embassy once again has said that there is no ‘American Plan” for reform of the FBiH. This is something that is up to political leaders and citizens of the FBiH.

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