The Faculty of Humanities of the “Djemal Bijedic” University in Mostar organized  a conference entitled “The role of universities in building peace.”

The conference is held in cooperation of the University “Djemal Bijedic” and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, which , with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds the both Conference and the project entitled ” Let’s build bridges, not walls.”

Head of the Department for Education on Human Rights at the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Norway, Enver Đuliman, said before the conference that at today’s meeting the role of universities, teaching staff and students in the building of peace will be discussed with participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially with participants from both Universities in Mostar.

“It is said that the wars in the former Yugoslavia began in libraries, media and universities, as well as that at the universities new relations and peace in the Western Balkans should be built, too.

Some people think that universities are politicized, ideological, as well as that knowledge itself serves to a nation and certain national identities. Today’s conference should respond to how the negative effects of such education could be removed and to find positive ways that universities can actually contribute to better relations in the Western Balkans, ” Đuliman noted.

The conference was opened by the Rector of the University, “Djemal Bijedic” Sead Pasic, who welcomed all present and stated that the academic community at the University is honored that the Norwegian Helsinki Committee recognized it as a partner that is willing to teach, support and spread among professors, students and the local community inter-culturality and human rights as the basis of connecting people regardless of their nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Participants in the conference were, among others, addressed by the Federal Minister of Education and Science, Damir Masic, who emphasized that education plays a very important role in terms of acquiring knowledge and developing skills necessary for personal growth and development and participation in society and the overall life of the community, but also in the context of promoting and developing of the biggest social values and rights on the road of building a democratic society.

He pointed out that the young generation has the greatest potential for the building and keeping peace, human rights, restoration of trust and reconciliation, adding that it is necessary to work to educate them in the spirit of democratic tradition.

Within the project ” Let’s build bridges, not walls” today at the University ” Djemal Bijedic” in Mostar “Corner for Human Rights.” will be opened.

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