Construction of a Roundabout on “Džemala Bijedića” Street to be completed soon?

dzemalabijedicaWorks on the construction of a roundabout at the crossroads between the Sixth transversal and “Džemala Bijedića” street are going according to the plan and should be completed by the end of next week.

Works on the deep drainage have been completed, the curbs, the lower layer of the roadway, as well as two layers of asphalt have been placed and the roundabout has been formed. The preparations are underway to set up the final layer of asphalt that will be done on Sunday.

“We are currently digging and preparing for the construction of the sidewalks, while the Electro Distribution performs the relocation of the cables. In parallel with these works we are preparing for the set up the final layer of asphalt”, Asmir Hajlovac, the Head of the construction sites said.

Hajlovac pointed out that the roundabout should be finished by the end of the next week, if the weather conditions allow, after that they will start with the preparations for the beginning of construction and the second roundabout at the crossroad between “Safeta Zajke” street and the Sixth transversal, near the gas station in Buća Potok.

“Before the construction of the roundabout, we will need to relocate the plumbing, which is a prerequisite for the beginning of the construction. It is a very demanding job, where we need to relocate plumbing pipes of a great size. However, in a parallel with these works we are going to work on the construction of the roundabout. During the pipes relocation, we are going to do the deep drainage and digging, so that another roundabout is going to be finished in the planned deadline”, as Hajlovac pointed out.

The construction of these two roundabouts will considerably reduce the traffic jams in this area which are now evident in the morning and during the afternoons. Besides, a roundabout is far more favourable considering the safety of traffic in comparison to a classical crossroad with the traffic lights.

The project is financed together by the Directorate for Roads of Sarajevo Canton and the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo.


(Source: klix.ba/ photo sa-c)

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