Construction of Adrenaline Park for Children and Youth to start soon


In Pionirska Dolina Zoo in Sarajevo, at the beginning of next week, works on the construction of an adrenaline park for children and youth should begin, which will cover a total of 2,500 square meters.

The adrenaline park for children and young people will be located near the central part where the props for play and entertainment are located.

According to the acting Director of the “Park” Edin Abdurahmanovic, who signed a contract for works, installation of equipment and staff training, the new state-of-the-art content in the green oasis will consist of three parts or adrenaline trails with various obstacles and bridges, artificial rock climbing area of about 50 square meters, up to six meters high, and a children’s zip line with a starting and stopping platform.

Apart from the location, which is ideal because it consists of a flat grassy area, and hills overgrown with medium and tall trees, the place is ideal because it is located in a protected, fenced area and is far enough away from the zoo, so there will be no disturbance to the animals.

The deadline for the execution of works and commissioning of the adrenaline park is 30 days.

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