Construction of the Tunnel is possible Alternative to the Construction of the Peljesac Bridge?

According to the expert of traffic Seval Kovacevic, an alternative to the construction of the Peljesac bridge is the construction of a tunnel, the member of the Maritime Society “Adriatic Sea” Izet Bajrambasic believes that BiH needs to submit the Agreement on Corridor for Free Access to International Sea to Croatia as soon as possible, while Professor at the Faculty of Law in Zenica, doc. Dr. Enis Omerovic, proposed diplomatic means as a solution to this international dispute.

Kovacevic, Omerovic and Bajarambasic presented these opinions as introductory speakers at the session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99”, whose main topic was “Access to the Open Sea is the Internal Issue of BiH”.

Professor at the Faculty of Law in Zenica doc. Dr. Enis Omerovic reminded once again that the international agreement between BiH and Croatia on the state border from 1999 is still in force.

“It is in Croatia’s interest to connect its territory in the best way possible, which also can be the interest of the EU so that its member state can control its space better, but that should not cause any harm to the interests of BiH, because Croatia should not violate the general international law, and especially the right on the open sea,” he stated.

Dr. Omerovic emphasized that this international dispute should be solved by using diplomatic means, which are direct negotiations between the official Sarajevo and the official Zagreb at the highest state level.

The expert in traffic, Seval Kovacevic, noted that technical conditions for the construction of the Peljesac bridge, which state that the bridge width would be 180 meters and its height 55 meters, are not satisfactory, because cruisers and tankers could not go below this bridge due to their size.

According to him, the alternative to this would be the construction of a two-barrel tunnel with all the equipment, which would cost about 100 million BAM, according to the calculation of the famous Croatian bridge builder, the professor from Faculty of Architecture in Split, Juro Radic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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