“Cosa Nostra” on the stage of Kamerni teatar 55

Comedy “Cosa nostra” will be performed on the stage of Kamerni Teater 55 on 18th December at 20:00 p.m. Comedy ” Cosa Nostra” is a funny story about an unconventional encounter of two completely different women, Gabrijela and Marlene. The story unfolds as soon as both women figure out that they are in a love triangle with the same man. They fight over the man, and think about strategies to accomplish their goals. In the end, from utter rivals they progress to being real friends. The comedy is a co-production of the Association of Art Groups ” SATYA” and the Cultural Center Sarajevo. The leading two roles in this comedy are played by Minka Muftić and Belma Košutić. The Art Group ” SATYA” is an Association that has been officially registered in January 2012. ” Costa Nostra” is their second successful project in the collaboration with the Cultural Center Sarajevo. The president of the Association is Bosnian actress Emina Minka Muftić.

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