Court of BiH confirms Indictment against Ten Persons in Dobrovoljacka Case

The Court of BiH confirmed the indictment against ten people in the “Dobovokjacka” case, it was confirmed for “Nezavisne novine” from the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

The indictment was filed against Ejup Ganić, Zaim Backović, Hamid Bakht, Hasan Efendić, Fikret Muslimović, Jusuf Pušina, Bakir Alispahić, Enes Bezdrob, Ismet Dahić and Mahir Žišek.

The former Dobrovoljacka Street in Sarajevo marked the anniversary of the events of May 3, 1992.

Former members of the “Green Berets” and the Army of RBiH gathered in Hamdija Kreševljakovića Street (former Dobrovoljačka), where they laid a wreath of flowers and prayed Fatiha near the memorial plaque to fallen soldiers near the Drvenija Bridge in the former Dobrovoljačka Street.

Vahid Alic, president of the Green Berets Association of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, said that today marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most important battles for the city of Sarajevo and the independent and sovereign state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The second and third of May are certainly key events in preserving the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Alic said.

He reminded of the events of May 2, when, as he said, “the Jugoslav National Army finally showed its true face and sided with the aggressors and aggression.”

“In the morning, aided by SDS paramilitary formations, Serbian volunteers and Nis special forces, carried out a fierce attack on key facilities of an independent, sovereign state. The Presidency, Elektroprivreda, Post office were attacked … “It showed the world that the newly elected government of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot lead this nation, and that was in fact a coup d’etat,” Alic said.

The president of the “Green Berets” Association, Muhamed Švrakić, said that the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina “under the pressure of the Prosecutor’s Office of Serbia initiated the procedure of punishing alleged crimes in Dobrovoljačka Street”.

“Dobrovoljacka Street was a legitimate military target for several reasons. The first reason – no one could guarantee any military passage, security, especially considering that this guarantee was given by the late Alija Izetbegovic, who was a prisoner at the time. According to Geneva convention, the convict cannot give any guarantee, surrender or signature to the convention “, said Švrakić, among other things.

He believes that “political trials and political Prosecutor’s Offices” should not take place.

“We have sought justice, we have waited for justice, we have no justice. Justice will seem to break this so-called justice from this state on our backs. It will not. Therefore, I ask you all defenders, all associations, united, to try to defend our honor because today and yesterday “BiH and our state have defended themselves,” said Svrakic.

Organized by the Government of the Republika Srpska, the anniversary of the suffering of JNA soldiers was marked today in the former Dobrovoljacka Street. The gathered laid flowers and lit candles for the killed members of the JNA.

Participants in the commemoration of the suffering of JNA soldiers arrived in the former Dobrovoljacka Street by bus. The route on which the buses were moving was closed to traffic. A large number of police were deployed along the road, and they were also present in Dobrovoljacka Street.

Among the participants in commemorating the suffering of JNA soldiers were survivors, family members of the victims, representatives of Republika Srpska institutions, officials of Republika Srpska in BiH institutions, the city of East Sarajevo and city municipalities, and representatives of veterans.

“Thirty years after the suffering in Dobrovoljacka, enough time has passed to answer those who committed this terrible crime against innocent soldiers, who were moving in a peacetime column, after leaving Sarajevo,” said the mayor of East Sarajevo, Ljubisa Cosic.

He expressed hope that the Court of BiH, after the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH filed the indictment, will confirm it, but it will also result in verdicts.

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