Covic: B&H is committed to the Fight against ISIS and Terrorism

dragan covicChairman of the B&H Presidency, Dagan Covic, attended the Summit on the fight against ISIL and the violent extremism.

Summit was held in the organization of the president of the USA, Barack Obama.

In a talk with the world’s high officials at the margins of the Summit, he expressed the concern of B&H because of terroristic attacks and the violent extremism.

He emphasized that B&H gives a great importance to the resolution of such problems and that condemns the brutality and a total ignorance of human lives during the terroristic attacks in general, especially when it comes to the ISIS.

He confirmed that B&H is ready to contribute to the national and international level of fights against such global threats, such as terrorism and extremism in all their forms.

During all meetings, Covic emphasized that B&H is ready to strengthen the cooperation at the regional, sub-regional and international level.

B&H, as a chairman of the Council of Europe, greets all activities of the Council of Europe and actions taken in the fight against terrorism.

He emphasized that with a decisive and coordinated military action, a comprehensive strategy, which consists of a wide spectrum of political, economic and social measures, which deal with existential problems, is also needed, and as a crucial problems, he stated reducing poverty and inequality, improvement of the education and providing opportunities for youth.

It was announced from the B&H Presidency that Covic emphasized the importance of organizing the Summit, as once more opportunity for an International community to stimulat to as more responsible as possible, approach the resolution of threats, such as terrorism and violent extremism.

(Source: klix.ba)

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