Zvizdic: B&H is ready to receive Refugees

ZVIZDIÆ RAZGOVARAO S PREDSJEDNIKOM KONGRESA VIJEÆA EVROPE (Foto)Chairman of the Coucil of Ministers of B&H, Denis Zvizdic, met yesterday in Strasbourg with the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Anne Brasseur and signed in the guest book.

He thanked for the invitation and an opportunity to address the Council of Europe in a team when B&H chairs this institution.

“Chairmanship of the Council of Europe represents a great honor and responsibility for B&H and gives a great opportunity to a country to prove itself as a credible partner“, said Zvizdic during the meeting, expressing his gratitude with the current chairmanship.

President Brasseur commended the adoption of several strategies and reform economic agenda and added that this is not only right way towards the EU.

It was also discussed about the refugee crisis that is present in Europe and possibilities to overcome it.

Chairman Zvizdic emphasized that the Council of Ministers of B&H adopted operative plans and that B&H follows the situation in the region as well as that the country is ready to, if it is necessary, receive refugees.

He reminded that the Europe was built on the canons of freedom, tolerance and equality and that exactly those values are ones because of which refugees want to go to the Europe.

President Brasseur congratulated at the ecent opening of the National Museum and was interested in the work and funding of the seven cultural institutions of B&H.

Chairman Zvizdic emphasized that culture and sport are an important ambassador of B&H and that he considers them as one of the instruments of the unification of the entire B&H, especially youth.

The meeting was attended by the ambassador of B&H in the Council of Europe, Almir Sahovic, as announced yesterday from the Council of Ministers of B&H.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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