Covic: We are ready to remove all ethnic Prefixes from the Constitution except the Name Croat

The process of negotiations on amending the Election Law is coming to an end, ” noted the president of HDZ and HNS, Dragan Covic, after the meeting of the Presidency of this group of political parties in Mostar.

“The process is coming to an end, and we are expected to meet again in December. I told that it is pointless to hold talks in an election year, and we had discussions in that spirit,” he said at a press conference.

Further, he said that they respected everything that the HNS demands, and that is, above all, legitimate representation.

“It is important for us that we preserve the values of the Dayton Agreement,” Covic said, noting that he was always an optimist.

He added that they had a clear position on all the proposals that were put on the table that Croats must elect their representatives, adding that the majority of Bosniak representatives agreed.

Everything is being negotiated and the question is whether all that will happen or not. Negotiations must be completed in December,” he noted.

The spins that I experienced from the politics from Sarajevo after the vote in the House of Peoples created a false story, he told.

“We commented on the conclusions. The problem is that someone is playing with the emotions of the victims, that’s why I apologized to the victims,” he pointed out.

Also, he gave a significant answer to the question of journalists about the demands to remove ethnic prefixes from the constitution.

“We are ready to remove all prefixes from the Constitution, but we are not ready to delete the name of the constituent people, we are not ready to delete the name Croat from the constitution,” he concluded.



Source: Klix.ba

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