COVID Passports: The Rules for BiH Citizens will be the same as for EU Citizens

The digital green pass is intended to facilitate travel within the European Union (EU). The proposals also include instruments for a slow reopening to the world.

This was said to agency Fena from the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels in response to the question of whether the introduction of the so-called COVID passports for countries that are not in the EU, ie whether the introduction of this document restricts their entry into the EU, regardless of the existence of a visa-free regime.

“As you may know, travel to the EU that is not essential is restricted to most non-EU countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). A non-EU citizen who might travel to the EU can obtain a digital green certificate. He can request a digital green certificate from a member state to which he travels, providing all the necessary information, including reliable proof of vaccination. The member state would then assess whether reliable proof has been provided and decide whether to issue a digital green pass, ” as they explained.

In the medium-term, if the European Commission is satisfied that a third country issues certificates by following the international standards and systems that are interoperable with the EU system, the Commission can issue a “decision on adequacy” through an implementing act based on the proposed regulation. In that case, such third country certificates would be accepted under the same conditions as digital green certificates.

The interlocutors were also asked what kind of status will have the citizens of BiH and other countries that are, or will be vaccinated, with vaccines from Russia or China, and whether they can count on free entry into EU territory.

“In both cases, it is important to point out that the rules for accepting evidence of vaccination would be the same as for EU citizens: vaccines authorized for the EU market should be accepted, but member states can decide whether to accept other vaccines as well,” it was said from the European Commission, Klix.ba writes.


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