Croatia could abolish the controversial Ordinance on the Increase of Import Taxes soon?

The controversial ordinance allegedly could be abolished already this Friday, as reported by RTL.

For now, everything is the same, and the truck of Vindija is standing on Bajakovo. People of Varazdin are discussing whether to return it or to undergo rigorous Serbian control – yesterday they returned their truck with perishable goods.

Yesterday morning, two trucks with watermelons entered from BiH and Serbia to Croatia – and they unwillingly paid 22 times more expensive control of the Croatian inspection, as reported by RTL.

“We are expecting the Croatian side’s proposal during the day or tomorrow, and I believe that it will be significantly changed. During the conversation in these two days, I got the impression that all sides are willing to solve this problem as soon as possible,” said Minister of Trade of Serbia, Rasim Ljajic.

Readiness was further strengthened by the words of the Prime Minister. Plenkovic told his minister to cut the taxes. Tolusic is not giving statements for days, and although he does not have the support of his government, he has the support of farmers.

“Certainly, these controls require some funds, and now it is a question whether the taxpayers or the importers need to pay it. This is primarily for consumers protection,” said the President of the Chamber of Economy of Croatia, Mato Brlosic.

And what is actually happening – the amount of tax used to be 23 BAM per truck, regardless of how many fruits and vegetables were in it, and now they have to pay the amount of 528 BAM for each type in the truck. So a truck with five types of fruit, for example, would have to pay 2,640 BAM for something that they used to pay only 23 BAM.


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