Dalal and Deen speak about the Eurosong Contest

Eurosong Language klix.baThe BHRT, together with its partner Tempo production, decided that the song which will be performed at the Eurosong contest in Stockholm should represent Bosnia and Herzegovina, therefore it will not be performed in English but in languages of B&H peoples.

“The song which is to represent B&H at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm will be performed in our mother tongue, precisely in languages of peoples in B&H. It will also have its English version, but only for promotional purposes. We can’t wait for you to hear the song for the first time”, Fuad Backović Deen wrote on his Facebook profile, adding that the promotion will be held in the second half of February.

In the second half of February a special show will be organized, when the song will be presented to the public numerous singers will be guests in the show, including Maya Sar.

Author and producer of the song which will represent B&H at the ESC is Almir Ajanović. The rapper Jasmin Fazlić Jala also participated in the creation of the song as a co-author of the text, and Zuzi Zu as well. The song will be performed by Dalal Midhat Talakić and Fuad Backović Deen, and the Croation cellist Ana Rucner will also join them on the stage.

The Eurosong 2016 will be the 61th and it will be held in Sweden thanks to the victory of Måns Zelmerlöw with the song “Heroes” at the previous contest.


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