All-Day Program on the Occasion of the 34th Anniversary of the WOG in Sarajevo

On yesterday’s day, 34 years ago, the 14th Winter Olympic Games (WOG) were opened in Sarajevo in 1984. It was the largest and most interesting sport event held in the former Yugoslavia. Besides the sports arenas, the famous Sarajevo host spirit was in the foreground, and the whole city experienced an unforgettable ambiance.

In order to preserve the memories of the sport story that has changed and marked the history of Sarajevo, the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Tourist Board in cooperation with WOG ’84 will organize an all-day program on the olympic mountain Bjelasnica tomorrow.

The program starts with the 13th International Manager Skiing Competition, ETI CUP 2018, followed by the famous Sarajevo band Bombaj stampa. On Saturday night there will also be opened night skiing on Bjelasnica, on the trail which will be painted with olympic colors.

34 years ago, Sarajevo was one of 12 cities of the WOG organizers. The participants of the competition competed in the disciplines of Alpine skiing (Jahorina and Bjelasnica), bob and sledding (Trebevic), biathlon, Nordic skiing and jumping (Igman), and hockey and figure skating in the Skenderija and Zetra sports halls in Sarajevo.

The program included 39 events involving 1.272 athletes from 49 countries (274 female competitors and 998 male competitors). Sarajevo was again a meeting place for the East and West, because the representatives of countries of the east and west block came to the Sarajevo Olympics. WOG ’84 was attended by over 7.500 media companies from 41 countries, and it was estimated that this event, through television, was followed by more than 2.5 billion viewers.

The games, by the number of participants and the organization’s success, surpassed all previous, and were closed on February 19th 1984 with the words of the former president of the International Organization Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch: “Dear Sarajevo, goodbye!”


(Source: nap.ba)

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