Decrease in Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the Waste Sector

In Bosna and Herzegovina, the total emissions of greenhouse gases in the waste sector in 2017 amounted to 944,5 gigagram1 of CO2-eq (equivalent to CO2 emissions).

There was a simultaneous decrease of emissions from solid waste disposal and an increase of total emission of greenhouse gases of 1% compared to the emission in 2016.

In 2017, several large wastewater treatment plants in BiH were fully operational, and this resulted in a change in the displayed share of sources of greenhouse gas emissions in BiH.

The reason for the growth of CH4 emissions is a significant increase in the share of wastewater disposal and, consequently, emissions resulting from this process.

At the same time there was a drop in emissions from waste disposal sites and N2O from wastewater management, BiH’s Agency for Statistics reports.

The more detailed report can be read here.

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