Demining Teams cleaned over 45 kilometres in BiH

In the area of ​​the municipality of Stolac, the demining task Zausje with a total area of ​​45,758 m2 was completed these days, on which demining teams of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection from several cities were engaged.

Deminers from Mostar, Livno, Busovaca and Travnik were engaged in this task.

The location is located about 400 meters northwest of the village of Zaušje, it is covered with typical Herzegovinian karst, and the works were hampered by dense vegetation and high temperatures.

The technical survey of this location has created safer conditions for the residents of the village of Zaušje and the surrounding villages, but also for passers-by who walk on the road from the village of Zaušje to Derani and Deransko Lake.

It is especially important to free this area from mine danger for hunters who use this area.

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