Denis Avdic is a Bosnian who won Seven World Awards in just Year and a Half


Young Bosnian Denis Avdic made all residents of Bosnia-Herzegovina happy again, with winning 10 at an International Environment Painting Contest for Children, his seventh world award in just 18 months.

A total of 16,552 entries have arrived at the Contest, of which nine winners have been selected to win the main prize, including Denis. The awards ceremony was held in Tokyo. Denis and his sister Emma had the status of VIP guests, on a trip that was perfectly organized, and where they had the unique opportunity to learn about the tradition, culture and gastronomy of Japan, according to Oslobodenje news portal.

The theme of the competition was “Eco-friendly together” and the organizers wanted to see how the children perceived the “eco-friendly” concept as well as the solution to environmental problems.

At work, Denis presented the harmony of nature and man, some of the natural beauties of our country: Cvrsnica, Hajducka Vrata, the source of the Miljacka River), self-renewable energy sources, houses built from natural or recycled materials.

Children who plant trees, symbols of hope and the future are an inevitable motive, and the future is also symbolized by a modern settlement built following the ecological principles of green cities.

At work, Denis wanted to emphasize that man is part of nature, and following ecological principles he builds his own future for which he is directly responsible.

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