Denis Bećirović met with the Ambassador of Pakistan

Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of BiH Denis Bećirović met yestrday with the ambassador of Pakistan in BiH Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery.

Bećirović said: ”Although BiH and Pakistan are geographically distant, they have close relations and we must try to make them better in the future, and also, we must expand our activities. There is a great space for cooperation not just in economy but in culture, education etc.”

Jaffery said that Pakistan strongly supports sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH and hopes that BiH will make progress towards the EU.

Bećirović proposed several concrete steps to improve cooperation between BiH and Pakistan in the field of construction of power plants, as well the establishment of a joint economic commission that will work to connect the businessmen from the food processing sector, water management industry, energy sector, textile and leather industry of BiH and Pakistan.

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